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How we Learn and Grow:

How we Learn and Grow at Faith Presbyterian PreschoolOur teachers genuinely love the children as individuals and want to see them grow physically, emotionally, academically, and spiritually. Learning in each class incorporates imagination centers, hands-on activities, "circle time," and Bible stories. Weekly themes highlight the world around us and include topics such as seasons, holidays, and "people we know." Each theme is woven through the days' activities in ways designed to help How we Learn and Grow at Faith Presbyterian Preschool students assimilate and internalize new experiences. Examples include art, music, movement, storytelling, and cooking, in addition to the special programs for the older students. Because we are developing strong bodies as well as minds, children play everyday on the playground or - when it's too cold or raining - in the gym. The toddlers and twos have a separate playground from the threes and fours.



Special treats throughout the year include activities such as:

The Fours' class uses a research-based curriculum that follows Developmentally Appropriate Practice along with the Huntsville City Schools' Kindergarten Readiness Guidelines. Children in the this class learn about their everyday worlds through various field trips each year. They also participate in a Christmas program and a graduation program.

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