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Curriculum Overview: At Faith Preschool we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students by exposing them to all areas of learning. A faith-based, research-based curriculum that follows Developmentally Appropriate Practice is used in conjunction with a specific Scope/Sequence Program that incorporates daily lessons/activities in the following areas: Language and Literacy Development, Math Concepts, Science/Social Studies, Movement, Fine Motor, Art, Music, and Bible Study. This program begins in our Toddlers' Class and continues to grow with your child. By the time your child finishes our Pre-K class, your child should have a strong foundation to begin Kindergarten. Handwriting Without Tears and the Pinnacle Curriculum are used in our Pre-K class.

Music Program:
Two days a week, the children experiment with tamborines, rhythm sticks, gymnastic ribbons, and sleigh bells. They also sing songs that involve full-body movements and engage all their senses. This class is taught by a veteran music teacher.

Movement Program:
Our movement program incorporates activities such as parachute play, creative dance, hand-eye coordination,  and tumbling to ensure that the children are moving their bodies with purpose, in age-appropriate ways.

Each week the three and four year olds meet with our church pastor, associate pastor, or director of Christian education for a chapel time. All students have a Bible story daily in the classroom.

Faith Presbyterian Preschool
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